Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tip: Short skirt (no long jacket)

So today I wear one of my favorite cute dresses. It's aqua blue with black/white swirls, dots and flowers. Very retro modish...if you've seen me wear it, you know exactly the one.

Normally I wear this dress with black stockings and tall boots. This morning, in the spirit of spring, I skipped the tights, and now I'm feeling like this uber-cute "I love this dress" dress is too short! Isn't it funny how a pair of tights can make a frock that's a teensy bit too short, seem just long enough?  I'm feeling like I might be showing a little too much today sans tights.

If you've ever run headlong into the question of whether or not your skirt/dress is long enough to be work-appropriate, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Make sure you're comfortable in your skirt/dress! If you can't sit down, can't walk around without reaching and tugging, then it's probably not right for the office.  (RedKat Dress: PASS)

2. The fingertip test - With your arms hanging loosely at your sides, see where your fingertips fall. Generally speaking this is an acceptable length for your skirt/dress (RedKat Dress: PASS)

3.The Wharton School of Business Rule - Wharton, one of the most well-respected business schools in the country recommends that skirts/dresses be no shorter than 3" above the knee to maintain a professional appearance. They also go on to recommend pantyhose, which you can feel free to disregard. Stockings, yes, pantyhouse no. (RedKat Dress: PASS on length FAIL on stockings)

So if you're confused, check this post and see if you're in the clear. Above all else, if you find yourself at work or out and about in a dress/skirt that's too short, just remember that a little bit of diva-like moxie will carry you. Never let them see you sweat!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day 2010

It's Opening Day, and I'm off celebrating the anticipated win of the Reds. In the spirit of the day, I thought I'd share my finds for the cutest Reds apparel.

I'm leading off with what I wish I could wear if it were summertime right now. Technically this is probably a pj top, but I've never been one to obey the rules, so today I'm calling it a tank top. The Galaxy Tank Top is clearly made to wear with jeans, and would be perfect for a hot July night at the ballpark. With a forgiving shape, it'll be flattering on anyone.

Did you know that Alyssa Milano has created her own line of sports apparel called Touch by Alyssa Milano? I had no idea. But her stuff is super-cute and wearable, and includes tees, tanks long sleeve tops and jackets.

If you're less into logo, but want to show support by wearing a red anyway, I'm loving this darling striped tonal Tee from Karmaloop. 

I'll be sporting a tee that I can't even share yet...I don't have it! But in case you hadn't heard, local film shop Barking Fish Entertainment is producing a documentary about our very own Pete Rose, and ahead of the fim's fall debut, are handing out 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King tees. Find me, see the tee for yourself. Go Reds!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did You Think I Left You?

No, I didn't leave you! I've been travelling like a maniac the last two weeks and I've decided to let RedKat take a little breather. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled posts next week, but until then, enjoy this little your outfit! ~Monika

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tip: Quick Repairs At Work

Who hasn't had a fashion emergency at work? I certainly have. Over the years I've discovered that the office supply closet can be a lifesaver when you're in a pinch and need to make quick repairs. Here are some tips that you may or may not have tried yourself.

Ripped Hem - Staple it! On more than one occasion I've managed to rip a hem loose with the heel of my shoe. Staple it right back into place. If you're lucky enough to be wearing black pants, use a Sharpie to color the silver of the staple and it'll blend in fairly well.

Scuffed Shoes - Leather pointy-toed shoes are the bane of my existence! While cute and fashionable, they always seem to get scuffed on concrete steps, curbs and even the underside of cabinets in the office. Grab your trusty Sharpie and blacken the scuff into relative invisibility. Granted, this works primarily on black shoes, but can also work on red with a red Sharpie.

Ink Stain - Drop a pen in your lap? Use hairspray and blot the ink away. If you don't have any hairspray, check the office First Aid kit and use the rubbing alcohol.

To stave off further emergencies, it's helpful to keep the following at your desk...just in case of emergency:

- Clear Nail Polish (for runs)
- Safety Pins
- A Sewing Kit (from a hotel, or buy a travel kit from your local drug store)
- Double-sided Tape (a lifesaver if your shirt is just a little too revealing)
- Stain Stick
- Lint Roller

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tip: Stinky Synthetic Leather

I got a very interesting question from a reader who writes, 

Q: "How can I get rid of the stinky smell of my new synthetic leather boots? I didn't want to pay for the real thing, so I went with cheap ones. Problem is, they smell like gasoline and I am embarrassed to wear them!"

A: Having encountered this once before myself, I'm happy to share what I did to help eliminate the gasoline smell. First, I put the shoes outside. I bet you can't stand the smell of them in a closed room, so outside is a good start. Second, I tried wrapping them in newspaper. Synthetic leather, like real leather, can be slightly porous, so wrapping the boots in newspaper will absorb the smell. This wasn't the most effective thing I tried though. Find a big box or bag and empty an entire box of baking soda into the bottom, then place the boots inside. Seal it tight and let the boots sit in the bag overnight. Baking soda is wonderful for absorbing odors, and this should help.

Let me know if this works for you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trend: What I saw at the Oscars

Whether you loved or hated the actual show, there was no shortage of fashion on display at this year's Academy Awards. Winners of the night include Penelope Cruz and Queen Latifah. Losers include Jennifer Lopez (yes, I hated the appendage dress) and Molly Ringwald. But the takeaway for you are the trends. Here's what I saw on the Red Carpet this year:

1. Pale Colors - dresses in pinks and nude tones (Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz)
2. Ruffles - bottom heavy or top to bottom (Zoe Saldana, Vera Farmiga)
3. Single Shoulder - right or left (Sigourney Weaver)
4. Watercolor Patterns - swirls of color and flowers (Rachael McAdams, Maggie Gyllenhall)
5. Statuesque Dresses - tall column dress, gorgeous silouhette (Kate Winslet)

And finally - my favorite: Penelope Cruz in Donna Karen.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Find: Oscar Fashion 2000

At the turn of the century, it seemed like metallics ruled the Red Carpet at the 2000 Academy Awards. No one pulled this look off more beautifully than Hillary Swank in a strapless bronze gown by Randolph Duke. She accented her look with a stunning 17th century Asprey & Garrard diamond necklace. Don't you love the delicate points on the stunning. With a cute understated pixie cut and her million dollar smile, Hillary Swank put together a look completely worth of being an Oscar Winner. 

Looking to surround yourself with people in Oscar-worthy fashions? Head to People Working Cooperatively Oscar Night in America VIP After-Party, on Sunday March 7th. The theme this year is "It Came From Hollywood" where everything will be glittery and gold. All proceed from the event benefit PWC's outreach programs including Modifications for Mobility, which assists with critical home modification projects that are typically too expensive for its low-income, disabled clients, including handicapped-accessible ramps, grab bars, bathroom and kitchen modifications. Your $20 at the door gets you fun events, Oscar viewing, foods catered by the Hilton, along with specialty drinks.
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