Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tip: Short skirt (no long jacket)

So today I wear one of my favorite cute dresses. It's aqua blue with black/white swirls, dots and flowers. Very retro modish...if you've seen me wear it, you know exactly the one.

Normally I wear this dress with black stockings and tall boots. This morning, in the spirit of spring, I skipped the tights, and now I'm feeling like this uber-cute "I love this dress" dress is too short! Isn't it funny how a pair of tights can make a frock that's a teensy bit too short, seem just long enough?  I'm feeling like I might be showing a little too much today sans tights.

If you've ever run headlong into the question of whether or not your skirt/dress is long enough to be work-appropriate, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Make sure you're comfortable in your skirt/dress! If you can't sit down, can't walk around without reaching and tugging, then it's probably not right for the office.  (RedKat Dress: PASS)

2. The fingertip test - With your arms hanging loosely at your sides, see where your fingertips fall. Generally speaking this is an acceptable length for your skirt/dress (RedKat Dress: PASS)

3.The Wharton School of Business Rule - Wharton, one of the most well-respected business schools in the country recommends that skirts/dresses be no shorter than 3" above the knee to maintain a professional appearance. They also go on to recommend pantyhose, which you can feel free to disregard. Stockings, yes, pantyhouse no. (RedKat Dress: PASS on length FAIL on stockings)

So if you're confused, check this post and see if you're in the clear. Above all else, if you find yourself at work or out and about in a dress/skirt that's too short, just remember that a little bit of diva-like moxie will carry you. Never let them see you sweat!


Krista Neher said...

Lol - I did the test on my dress today and it is long enough :) I had one on previously that would have failed the 3 inches above the knee test. Great post!

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