Monday, August 24, 2009

{such a} Fall Fashion '09 Trends and Tip Sheet Too!

Just in case you weren't ready to say goodbye to summer, the newest fall fashions are already hitting the stores, tempting you to spend your bucks on the first blush of the season's offerings.

The key things of note are the proliferation of 80's inspired fashions - from the one-shoulder cocktail dresses to the skyscraping shoulders of the jackets. Neon colors charge into fall and show up in dresses, suits and mixed into usually sedate prints like houndstooth and plaid. Pants are neutral - brown, black and even white if you're brave. Skirts, dresses and leggings take the day with tights both shredded (really!) and intact all over the runways.

If you're on a budget, and buying an entirely new wardrobe for fall is not on your financial agenda, the good people of have created an entire primer in DIY fashion for fall. Admittedly I'm not always the craftiest person on the block, but even I can manage these simple ideas and updates.

To be sure you don't end up buying this year's no-no, download and print my tip sheet and take it with you before you shop. I think figuring out trend is always the hardest part of a season shift, so to simplify I've created a categorized list to make your life easy. I do not pretend to have included every single trend out there -- to do so would mean including trends that are likely too outrageous to ever make it off the runway. But from my own research, I've culled what I think are the most wearable trends for Fall '09. Print this wallet-sized sheet out, stick it in your purse and happy shopping!

For the downloadable file, click here. NOTE: When you download and open the PDF, you may need to cut out the card, as it will display based on your Adobe Acrobat/Reader preferences. Need a PDF reader? Find it here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

{such a} Reader's Digest Magazine Feature!

I am one thrilled fashionista -- my feature in Reader's Digest came out today! Check out the pix from the TOC and the spread for the article for which I was interviewed. So amazingly, absolutely thrilled to be featured! The issue is on newstands now - September 2009. I can now honestly say that I've been in a national magazine....yay! (note: as of posting, the article was not online yet, so there is no link. When it does appear, I'll add it.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

{such a} Martin+Osa Email Offer

One of the nicest surprises on mornings where I hate everything in my closet, is to open an email and find a coupon for one of my fave boutiques. Today was one of those mornings, and I'm sharing the coupon I received with you. Get $20 off at MARTIN + OSA with LUCKY BUCK$ from Lucky Magazine. Use your LUCKY BUCK$ towards any MARTIN + OSA purchase of $75 or more. Around Cincinnati, you'll need to shop online, so visit Check the sale section of the site - I spotted an uber-cute Tuxedo Blazer for a mere $44.95

Discount Code: 45
Web Code: 87478529

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{such a} Invitation that I've waited for, but can't accept...

At long last, my invitation to the Grand Opening Gala for the new Nordstrom store arrived...and wouldn't you know, I can't go!

The gala is the night before a huge meeting that I'm scheduled to attend in San Jose, CA. Of course the meeting couldn't be closer to, that would be too convenient. And since there's virtually no way that I know of to attend and hop a plan to still be ontime on Thursday, I am forced to tearfully, regretfully decline the invitation.

I hope that you go..and if you do, please take pictures and tell me all about it. And rest assured, I will be indulging in a Nordstrom spree soon.... XOXO

ps - Please excuse the crappy photography. In my enthusiasm to share my invite with you, I was forced to use my Blackberry camera for the snaps. They're not great, but trust me that the invite pack is gorgeous.

The invite package as a whole. Beautiful rectangular envelope with embossed letters. Inside, long rectangular invitation imprinted with old-fashioned riverboats and embossed with the gala wording.

The RSVP card. Also embossed. I'm so sad I have to send this back with my regrets.
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