Thursday, February 25, 2010

Find: Hip-T's

Muffin top, whale tail, crack attack -- it's borderline epidemic how often these fashion no-nos show up on a daily basis. Sitting, bending over and stretching can all be cause for backside embarrassment.

Enter the Hip-T. Hip-T's are stretchy bands worn around the waist to help keep your assets covered (pun intended). They compensate for shirts that are too short, jeans that are too low, and tops that won't drape smoothly.

Hip-T's come in a variety of colors, both with and without decorative lacy bottom bands and strangely -- Ed Hardy print. Ranging in price from $15.95 for one to $32.50 for a two-pack, this may just be an affordable fix to some of our frustrating wardrobe issues.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tip: Pesky Regrowth

It's so unfair that we spend money to get our hairs colored, cut and styled, only to have our look sabotaged by regrowth. Evil, nasty, "oh my hair color is actually NOT natural" regrowth. But with a little ingenuity, you can avoid skunky roots between hair appointments. 

1. Semi-Permanent Pens - not great for a lot of area, but if you can get a little creative with your part, you can use the pen to touch up your regrowth where needed. Try Oscar Blandi Pronto Root Touch Up Pen.

2. Color-Enhancing Shampoo - simple to use and easy to find at any Walgreens or CVS. Try Claypac Color Enhancing Shampoo .

3. Demi-Permanent Kits - Nice'N Easy makes a kit that lets you put temporary color just on the hairline. The color should stay put until your hair appointment. This is the messier of the options, but the longest lasting.

If you're really, really in a pinch I've tried eyeshadow too. Spritz your part with hairspray and then brush shadow over the regrowth. With my red hair, I don't do this too often because I don't have red eyeshadow, but for blondes and brunettes, this is easy to do.

Another quick trick is to fluff your hair...adding volume hides regrowth. Use a root-lifting mousse and blowdry your hair upside down to build volume, then smooth and spray.

Do you have any better root coverup tips? Share!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trend: Lucite Jewelry

Dress it up, dress it down, with is's versatility and durability, lucite jewelry is one of the hottest accessory trends this year. My fave is this chunky, funky silver/lucite bracelet by Alex Carol.

Silver/Lucite Bracelet by Alex Carol
Available at

Check Etsy for great vintage lucite jewelry and pick up mod earrings, necklaces and pendants like this Cherry Earrings from betsy3.

Vintage Cherry Earrings from Betsy3

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trend: Textured Nails (low cost trend alert!)

Seen on at least a half-dozen runways in NYC during Fashion Week, the new trend for your nails this spring is texture. Talk about wonderful more stressing over slight smudges and dents in a fresh manicure. Texture is edgy and give nails a more prominent place as an accessory this spring.

HOW: If you decide to keep it conservative, add a little sparkle to just the tips with a glitter polish overlay. If you're daring, try this: add a sprinkle of sugar between coats of slightly wet nail polish. Gorgeous texture, no cost!

Tip: Be sure to wipe of your nailpolish brush in between coats so as not to get sugar in the polish bottle.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Find: The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots

I love the Vancouver 2010 mascots! Sumi, Miga and Quatchi represent various facets of Canada in the most darling way possible, and pay homage to the history and legends of the First Nations -- the indigenous peoples of Canada.

Sumi is an animal spirit who represents the mountains and loves to ski. Miga is a sea bear who represents coastal Vancouver and loves to snow board and surf. Finally Quatchi is a young sasquatch representing the Canadian forests and whose passion is hockey.

I'm crushing on all the Olympic Mascot wearables, found in the Official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store. Choose from fuzzy slippers, an embroidered luggage tag or a mascot tote bag...even though the items are supposedly for children, they are playful enough to pull off a la Hello Kitty. But, if you're more adult-minded, maybe go for a simple key chain to show your Olympic Mascot spirit.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tip: Puffy Eyes Be Gone!

If you've had a party-hard weekend, pulled a late night for work or had a crying jag, chances are you've encountered puffy eyes. No one likes to walk in looking tired and worn, so try this easy tip for puffy eye relief.

Tea bags. Seriously!

First, steep two tea bags for a few minutes, then set aside until they're cool to the touch. Relax on the couch for ten minutes with the tea bags placed over the puffy skin under your eyes and let them do their magic. Green tea is best, since the antioxidants are wonderful for reducing inflammation, but any tea bags will do. Tea bags are also wonderful for reducing redness if your skin is looking a bit irritated.

Why does this work? Without giving a long science lesson, tea contains tannins, and tannins work with the protein molecules in our skin to tighten them...thereby relieving puffy eyes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Trend: Watercolor Prints

Channel your inner Monet this spring with a beautiful watercolor print. Seen on the runways of Michel Kors and Cynthia Rowley among others, watercolor prints offer a subtle wash of color that gives leeway to more interesting shapes and styles for blouses, dresses and skirts.

I'm digging this blueish grey printed trapeze dress from Martin + Osa. Not only is it on sale right now for $69.95, but it easily can be worn now with a cardi or jacket thrown over it, and transition nicely into warmer temps later in the season.

Watercolor Print Trapeze Dress
Martin + Osa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trend: Polka Dot Madness

I'm longing for cheerful, colorful clothes to help break up the monotony of this cold, snowy winter. Good thing polka dots are on the menu of Spring 2010 trends. Whether a dress, skirt, shirt, lingerie or even in a trendsetting jumper, polka dots are everywhere. If you spring (no pun intended) for a cute dress now, layer a solid sweater over the dress and belt it for a versatile, super-cute look that carries from winter to spring. I'm loving the Polka Dot Cindy Dress by Motel**.

Polka Dot Cindy Dress
Available at TopShop (US)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trend: The Scarlet Jacket

With my love of all things red, I'm thrilled to see scarlet jackets storming Spring 2010 runways. The beauty of scarlet is that most people can find some shade that's flattering to their complexion, their hair (even redheads!) and their personal taste. Scarlet is a nice twist to the more sedate colors of winter, and will add welcome pop of brightness to your spring wardrobe.  My fave so far this season is Jack by BB Dakota. Tall collar, buckles and all kinds of springtime sass...perfect for women like us.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trend: Grownup Tie-Dye

Your favorite hippy standard gets a grown-up makeover and will be appearing everywhere this spring. Tie-dye is back, looking sleeker and dressier than you remember...especially in the form of a trend-setting cocktail dress.

On the high end, this stunning halter dress from Lotta Stensson:

Dip Dye Sahara Dress in Peacock
from Couture Candy
On the budget-friendly end of the spectrum, there's this darling twist strap dress from Anne Klein that would look killer with a great pair of strappy heels (personally, I think the wedge heel is too casual for this dress): 
Tie-Dye Twist Strap Pleated Front Dress
from Anne Klein

Monday, February 8, 2010

Find: The Cutest Japanese Mugs Ever

I admit a bias toward anything that features adorable illustrated cats (Hello Kitty anyone?), but I think we'll agree that Ecoute Mugs from Japan, designed by Japanese artist Marini Monteany, are definitely more than just your average level of cute.

Featuring brightly painted characters dancing around with animals while wearing bunny and cat costumes...the sheer weird funniness of it all should shake a smile out of the most caffeine deprived soul.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tip: Liquid Eyeliner How-To

If you've been tempted to try liquid eyeliner, but been afraid to give it a go, here are a few easy steps to follow to get an even, smooth line every time.

TIP: If you're going to wear eyeshadow, I find it's easier to put that on first, then do eyeliner. 

1. Pick a gel liner rather than a true liquid liner. Gel is easier to work with, and less messy so you're not as likely to make mistakes.

2. Close your eye and hold the outer corner of your eye and gently pull your lid toward your ear. GENTLY! You're trying to create a smooth surface.

3. Next, take an angle eyeliner brush and create three dashes across your eyelid as close to your eyelashes as possible. Start with the inner corner of your eyelid, then add one in the middle, and one on the outside. Extend the last dash slightly past the edge of your lid.

4. Go back with your eyeliner brush and carefully fill in the space between the dashes. No need to reload the brush with more liner unless your brush is totally dry.

5. When you're done, you'll have a fairly dramatic looking line. Take an eyeshadow in a color similar to your liner and brush it over your line, smudging it to tone down the harshness of your line.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Find: Fondly, to my fellow maladroits...

I give you the Bling Band Aid.

I assure you that for all my bumps, bruises, trips, cuts and scrapes, I should probably take out stock in Charles & Marie to offset how much I could spend on these cuties. Despite that, I think these would come in handy when you get a papercut on your pointer finger, five minutes before your big prezo.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tip: Tonight! Fashion, Networking and Fun for $25

Not busy tonight? Then join me for an exclusive Bizwomen Cabinet event- Fashion and Fun!

TIME: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
WHERE: Iron Horse Restaurant, 40 Village Square, Cincinnati, OH 45246 

Enjoy networking, cocktails and appetizers at the historic Iron Horse Restaurant and enjoy an evening of Fashion and Fun with a special fashion show presented by Cincy Chic. Vendors include:
Bella Donna  
Tom James  by clothier Danielle Battaglia
Votre Vu  with Julena Bingaman
DeGroot Handbags

To register, email Amy Goodwin at and tell her you are a guest of Amy Scalia (@cincychic) for the reduced ticket rate of $25 (typically $99). Walk-ins welcome.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Find: Boots Play Dress Up

Rings. Bracelets. Necklaces. many accessories have come and gone, and none match the Bandit by 2 Bandits in sheer originality (IMHO). Created by designers Erica Chan and Tamar Wilder (the two bandits...get it?) the idea for Bandits hatched from of desire to kick up their wardrobes with something new.

Whether you love them or hate them, Bandits have taken accessorizing to a whole new level. Add color, flash and creativity to your boots with these stylish bands. Simply slip them over your boot, put on your boot, and then slide the Bandit into place and tighten. My fave is the Bianca, but if you're into a different look, 2 Bandits also offers boot harnesses, sweet ikat bows and bright indian-esque bands.


Monday, February 1, 2010

{Help Haiti Now}

100% of the proceeds from the HAITI bracelet from I'm Tired Of... go to Doctors Without Borders, who are working tirelessly in Haiti to help the people suffering after the recent devastating earthquakes.

I'm Tired Of.. is a site that's been galvanizing people who are tired of animal abuse, cancer, hunger, autism, global warming and discrimination and child abuse and banding them together to do something about it. Buy a bracelet to show your support for the cause that's near and dear to you. All bracelets are made from recycled tires and metal to further show founders Dan and Carrie's commitment to being eco-friendly and socially conscious. 

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