Saturday, September 27, 2008

Such an Emmy fashion trend

Jewel tones, statement earrings and necklaces, beading and lace and soft messy up-dos...these are just a few of the hot fall looks spotted on the red carpet at Sunday's Emmy® awards. You don't have to go to a swanky affair to be able to incorporate these trendy touches into your fall wardrobe.

Redkat's Emmy Trends:
1. Purple - purple is huge this fall. Try a deep plum sweater dress like this one from Mod Cloth.
2. Lace - lace accents on everything from dresses to shirts. If actual lace isn't your thing, a shirt with a lace-like pattern can work, so visit Hippy Chix shop and give this shirt by Vanilla Sugar a look-see.
3. Beading - beaded trim is showing up on jeans, t-shirts, and even vests. Vest are very big for fall, so why not combine beading and vests into one great piece. Topshop (a UK fashion treasure) has just the vest.
4. Statement earrings and necklaces - both necklaces and earrings that pack a punch are cued up for fall but fashionista beware! Don't wear them at the same time -- too much is too much. Forever 21 always has great statement earrings for $3.99 and up. For necklaces, try Flutterby for the Australian take on jewelry (note: be sure to switch the currency from Australian to US when pricing products)
5. Metallics - Gold, silver, copper...they're all big for fall. There's no limit to how you can work metallics into your fall wardrobe, but if you're shy about too much bling, how about a belt? Create your own at Steeltoe Studios.

No matter how you incorporate the Emmy fashion trends into your fall look, keep in mind that whatever you do, make sure you make it your own and it works for you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Such a workspace

Your workspace (desk, office, cubicle) says a lot about you. The way you choose to accessorize your workspace is sometimes at the discretion of the company. In those cases, crafty desk denizens compensate for lack of individuality by putting weird things in their desk. But when the choice is your as to how you decorate your space, consider some of these options to make your co-workers sit up and take notice.

See Jane Work is a website entirely dedicated to arming the saavy working woman with any type of office organization, from satchels and notebooks to calendars and desk sets. A few of my faves:

To ensure no more crumpled business cards, try these colorful business card holders:

For a staple-free, accident free workspace floor try these staple-free staplers.

If exchange rates don't scare you, French boutique Pylones (be sure to click WELCOME or the entire site will be in French) carries a large array of whimsical lamps, bags, desk art and more. Look for the piranha pencil sharpener and the retro jukebox desk radio.

Finally, NYC boutique Mxyplyzyk (pronounced Mix-ee-pliz-ik) carries an eclectic array of just about everything, for your office, for home and some items...well, they defy classification. For some light desktop reading, try this book about the history of the Sock Monkey and for eco-friendly wall organization, a bulletin board made of pulp.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Such a fest

What is fall in Cincinnati without Oktoberfest? Without thousands of people crowding Fifth Street and Fountain Square, drinking Warsteiner, Heineken, eating metts and brats and wrapping up with the occasional cream puff? For everything that Cincinnati is criticized for, we do have the North American market cornered on Oktoberfest-ing (is that a word?)

According to the Cincinnati Regional Chamber's website Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, which officially began in 1976 routinely attracts over half a million people downtown each year. The official Oktoberfest site posted these interesting stats on what people eat at the Fest:
  • 87,542 metts
  • 80,500 bratwurst
  • 64,000 sauerkraut balls
  • 56,250 sausages
  • 24,640 potato pancakes
  • 23,004 soft pretzels
  • 20,000 cream puffs
  • 16,002 strudel
  • 6,000 jumbo pickles
  • 3,600 lbs. sauerkraut
  • 1,875 lbs. German potato salad
  • 702 lbs. Limburger cheese
  • 700 pigtails
  • 400 pickled pigs feet
Seriously? Pigtails and pickled pigs feet? Ew. Thumbs down on those two delicacies from me.

Oktoberfest is more than food and drink. This year HYPE threw a YP party called HYPE Haus which from what I hear, was a great time. There were numerous Fest tents with German bands playing polka favorites and German drinking songs. The 2008 souvenier cup was a green plastic beer stein which pratically everyone had, and even though I saw tons of friends there, I'm sure I "Prosted" with at least a dozen perfect strangers. FYI -- Prost is cheers in German.

Fountain Square was front and center this year, with the P&G music stage, the John Morrell weiner mobile, Q102 and various souvenier booths. Aaron bought these green light-up glasses, which were a big hit with the ladies. Graeter's was doing a brisk business, as were the two Fifth Third ATMs on the square.

Finally, the best part of Oktoberfest...the chicken hat. True, I do not own one of these fashionable head toppers, but one day I will. I'm in awe of the sheer variety of hats - Bengals, Reds, green, blue, purple...anything you can imagine. The best part is seeing the chicken hatters doing the chicken dance. Only in Cincinnati.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Such a wine tasting

Last night I attended the Fall Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society on Fountain Square. This was by far one of the best wine tastings the Society has ever had. The weather was absolutely was a perfect night to be outside with 1,000 of your friends drinking European White wines. Lexus Rivercenter (a new sponsor for the Society) brought a driver simulation game and gave away weekend leases on what I'm told is a "hot new car". Two different food stations were set up, courtesy of BlackFinn. The official after-party was also at Blackfinn.

The proceeds benefited Fountain Square Management Group. Fountain Square Management Group is a private, non-profit organization that manages events, programming, maintenance and security for Fountain Square and the Fountain Square North Garage. I was surprised to realize that Fountain Square was non-profit, as were many of the attendees. I volunteered as check-in for the Host committee, and I I had more than a dozen people in my line who assumed the city of Cincinnati funded all the activities on the Square. To help raise additional money, FSMG held a split-the-pot raffle.

This year's C-Change class also did a launch of their new initiative called Fetch Taxi. The group brought a car decorated with the Fetch logo down to the Square and had a Cincinnati-themed gameshow running from it's backseat. Each contestant who played the game was broadcasted on the JumboTron above Macy's. The gist of Fetch? No waiting on hold when you need a cab. From their website:

“Forget re-dialing or waiting on hold when you need a cab. When you need a ride, Fetch delivers one number that promises to route your call to the first available cab company in Cincinnati. Better yet, you can trust that your voice will be heard via an online community forum where you can be an active part of improving cab service in Cincinnati.”

Get involved with Bacchanlian Society if you're interested in meeting other young professionals who love wine, love giving back to the community and want to combine the two in a fun way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Such a great fall stocking trend

If you're like me, you're wondering how to begin the transition from summer to fall...not only in the clothing department, but footwear as well. In the past, strict rules governed whether we'd wear white shoes, off-white shoes, open toes with stockings, etc. In most cases, these rules have fallen by the wayside in favor of more innovative fashion trends that push traditional boundaries. One of my favorite examples of this is the new widespread acceptance of opaque tights.

Opaque tights, once the staple of all little girl wardrobes, have done a lot of growing up in the past few years. (definition of opaque: can't be seen through) Each season we've seen more designers show opaque tights with their fashions, both dressy and casual. Celebrities such as Sienna Miller have been seen on the red carpet sporting opaque tights with sandals. The moral of the story? If done right, opaque tights can be worn all year round, for any occasion. Here are a few rules to live by:

1. Any shoes can be worn with opaque tights. Play with textures and colors to find a good combination. Shoes worn in the same color as your tights elongate the leg. Jewel tones are hot this season, so consider wearing ribbed opaque tights with your peep toes shoes to help transition them to fall.

2. Tall boots AND short boots look great with opaque tights. If you're brave, try a pair of black tights with this season's must-have, the grey suede boot. Or, if you're more faint of heart, try wearing a short boot in the same color as your tights.

3. Yes darling, you CAN wear opaque tights to dressy affairs. The key is to look for tights with metallic accents, or textures to dress up your legs.

4. If you're tipping your toes into the waters of bright colored tights, pick a pair of tights in a color that matches one from your outfit. Or, anchor bright tights with a solid black dress and black boots.

Try Hue for great options in tights. Short on time? Kroger carries Hanes tights in their hosiery aisle.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Such a fashion show

Today is the final day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. Established designers, as well as designers who are just emerging in the fashion world are showing their Spring 2009 lines. Designers include Anna Sui, BCBGMaxAzaria, Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson and the Project Runway team. The trends include a continued movement toward soft, ultra-feminine looks, with a lot of soft pinks, blue and greys. Expect sheer fabrics, floral prints and perhaps some very sheer pieces which will work well with winter pieces as you transition your wardrobe from one season to the next.

The interesting thing I noticed about Fashion Week is the number of designers who have done lines for major retailers in addition to their higher end designs. Both Abaeté and Lela Rose, who had shows in Fashion Week, are also designing for Payless. Erin Featherstone and Richard Chai did lines for Target's Go! International series. Vera Wang has been making a splash with her Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohl's. It's great to see retailers like Target, Kohl's and Payless making haute coutre accessible and wearable for everyone. I love mixing the pieces from the different designer collections to create looks that fit my mood and my personality. Have any looks you love?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Such a great pair of recycled products

Before you think that I've got an unhealthy obsession with umbrellas, let me interject that this umbrella is unique! different! fun! and eco-friendly to boot. Thanks to my friend Carla (aka @pixelchic) for the tip on this great find.

Radley, a company out of the U.K. has created an umbrella entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. How enviro-chic! Plus, if and when you decide to chuck this umbrella for a new one, you can do so entirely without guilt, as this umbrella itself is recyclable. The umbrella is roughly $50 US.

Radley also carries a matching tote bag that is also made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, which too can be recycled when you decide not to carry it anymore.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Such a roadtrip

We're off to Chicago this weekend for a bachelorette party. Eight girls, one hotel room and an an entire city as our oyster...what could possibly go wrong? I'm excited to go shopping Saturday since Chicago has a great cross-section of boutiques and retail. Everything from the Magnificent Mile, with all my faves -- Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. But, my real faves in Chicago are the boutiques. Each section of the city has a different flavor with a different kind of boutique. If you're like me, and have a split fashion personality, you can certainly indulge your inner diva and your tortured poet, all in one. Since I have only one afternoon to shop, my hit list includes:

She One (Lakeview)

Raizy (Bucktown) - Lingerie, oh la la!

2 Sisters (West Loop)

If I come across any new finds, check back Monday and they'll be posted.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Such a cute little dress

I am wearing what apparently is "a cute little dress" today. This is the compliment I've gotten from several people, including one friend who remarked that I look hot. I'm chalking it up to the hot summer day and moving on! The dress is made by BB Dakota, and is called the Byrdie Dress. I believe was part of their Spring 08 line.

I've had this dress for about two months, purchased it in Atlanta at a great shop in the Five Points area called The Junkman's Daughter. I can't find an actual site for it, so this link takes you to the Yelp review of the store. It's a funky/retro/goth/punk shop with clothes, shoes, cool accessories, bumper stickers, jewelry and more. Other nearby shops are equally funky/cool including one...whose name escapes me...that sold these cool little breakfast food keychains.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Such a low-cal daiquiri!

Courtesy of Hungry Girl. Buy the cookbook for more fabulous recipes. Available on the Hungry Girl website.

It's summertime, and even though we're all gratefully awaiting sweater weather, next year's bikini/bathing suit season is not far off. To keep myself in the healthy groove, and to arm me for next year, I'm posting a fabulous low-cal recipe for a yummy Strawberry Daiquiri. Hungry Girl is a great resource for all things, tips, name it. I just recently discovered the site, and I love it. For all of the WW points fans, the recipes posted seem to all have Points Values assigned to them. How convenient. Enjoy the frosty beverage and let me know what you think of it!

HG's Slammin' Slimmed Down Strawberry Daiquiri
Serving Size: 1 daiquiri (entire recipe)
1 shot (1 1/2 ounces) rum
1 packet (two 5-calorie servings) sugar-free powdered drink mix, any strawberry blend
3 frozen strawberries
1 tbsp. lime juice
5 - 8 ice cubes OR 1 cup crushed ice

Dissolve drink mix into 1/2 cup cold water. Stir thoroughly. In a blender, combine drink mixture with all other ingredients. Blend to desired consistency. Pour, add a straw, and slurp that baby up! MAKES 1 SERVING

Serving Size: 1 daiquiri (entire recipe)
Calories: 121
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 10mg
Carbs: 4g
Fiber: 0.5g
Sugars: 2g
Protein: 0g

POINTS® value 2*

HG Alternative! For a virgin version, swap the rum for an extra 3 tbsp. water. Then your slushie sipper will have just 25 calories and a POINTS® value of 0*.
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