Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{such a} Invitation that I've waited for, but can't accept...

At long last, my invitation to the Grand Opening Gala for the new Nordstrom store arrived...and wouldn't you know, I can't go!

The gala is the night before a huge meeting that I'm scheduled to attend in San Jose, CA. Of course the meeting couldn't be closer to Nordstrom...no, that would be too convenient. And since there's virtually no way that I know of to attend and hop a plan to still be ontime on Thursday, I am forced to tearfully, regretfully decline the invitation.

I hope that you go..and if you do, please take pictures and tell me all about it. And rest assured, I will be indulging in a Nordstrom spree soon.... XOXO

ps - Please excuse the crappy photography. In my enthusiasm to share my invite with you, I was forced to use my Blackberry camera for the snaps. They're not great, but trust me that the invite pack is gorgeous.

The invite package as a whole. Beautiful rectangular envelope with embossed letters. Inside, long rectangular invitation imprinted with old-fashioned riverboats and embossed with the gala wording.

The RSVP card. Also embossed. I'm so sad I have to send this back with my regrets.


Crystal Olig said...

Oh I'm just sick for you! I love gorgeous invites and those look killer...hope you post "real" pics, too. Dang, sucks to have to turn down something you deserve! I hope there's a next time...and have fun in Cali. - Crystal from PodCamp

5chw4r7z said...

How do you get an invite to one of these things?
I want to hit the H&M opening if/when they have one.

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

I think I got this invite because of my sheer fabulousity...seriously, I think b/c of my blog. Why else? Or b/c I live nearby. Either way I can't go...boo! I'll try to find out re: H&M and we'll go!

Thx Crystal!

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