Friday, June 19, 2009

{such a } Five Must-Have Indie Dresses - Summer '09

Baby, it’s hot, hot, hot outside, and while the temps and humidity may keep you running for the chill of a nice air-conditioned room, these cute summer dresses can heat up your wardrobe without burning up your budget. Try these five trends in totally wearable, completely unique styles. Every dress listed is made by an independent designer - support these fab up-and-coming labels!

Maxi Dress - the maxi has been spotted just about everywhere this summer. With its long sweeping lengths and forgiving fit, the maxi dress is easily glamourous, and can transition from daytime to nighttime with minimal effort.

Long Wildflower Dress - Prodiji by Brittney Kelley

Tiered Dress- soft layers give ethereal dimension to a simple dress shape, while skimming over any problem spots. Ideally look for silks or blends that move with you, and stay away from overly heavy fabrics.

The AK Style - Anavaa Kisasa

Delicate Boho - Continuing the trend towards colorful swirled prints with an earthy sensibility, the delicate boho dress has a simple, flowing style and unique handkerchief or embellished hemlines.

Green Multi-Dress - Blue Plate Fashion

A-line Dress - Retro fabulous and updated for summer, the a-line has returned to the market with a vengeance. Another chic option in the “forgive me I’ve sinned and eaten cookies” category, the simple “a” cut of this dress lets you breathe easy and still be on-trend.

Assymetrical Dress- Tulle

Goddess/One-Shoulder - as the name implies, the style of this dress invites you to channel your inner Aphrodite and show off your shoulders and arms with a unique neckline. Yet another all-around flattering dress, look for solid colors if you’re not feeling daring enough to wear this style.

One Shoulder Wrap Dress- Sammy Lenko

All photos courtesy of the respective sites.


Mary B said...

Redkatblonde -
I need to know where to get affordable A-lines and/or wrap dresses that are good quality. Any tips?

Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

These are super cute. A good reminder that I need to slim up a bit for summer wear!

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

Mary - My advice is to try Charlotte Russe for maxi dresses, and Macy's or Anthropologies for A-lines. Wrap will come back more in August for the fall, since it's a layered look.

Shannan - thanks!

Allison Lewis / Outreach Coordinator said...

I really like the Assymetrical dress. It's super cute!

Robin Feltner said...

I adore Maxi dresses! It seems a lot of women love them. I did a survey on my blog about Maxi dresses. All women said they loved them, all men said they hated them. Figures! :)

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