Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trend: Ribbon-Accented Hair

From - 2010 Hair Trend Alert: the Ribbon-Accented ‘Do

Glamour is reporting that ribbon accented 'dos are the next big thing, and based on the high cuteness factor, I'd have to agree. Braid in a ribbon through your hair, or try twisting two pieces of hair together, running the ribbon through as you twist. There's no wrong way to run the ribbon through your hair, so have fun with it. For short hair, try braiding two small side braids through with ribbon, then pin them back with funky bobby pins. Voila! 


Anonymous said...

I'm pumped that it appears big hair is coming back... as I can't help but have big hair!

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

You rock the big hair though, in a non-mall bangs, non-bouffant kind of way. :)

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