Friday, January 29, 2010

Trend: Pinned Scarf

I've seen this trend pop up in Lucky magazine, in Glamour and now I'm seeing it in catalogs, so I'm convinced it's the real thing. Designers everywhere are showing scarves pinned with oversize brooches or pins. Simply find an oversized pin or brooch and match it to your scarf.

First, find a suitable scarf to use. I don't recommend satin or silk, as the pin will leave a permanent hole in the fabric, but cotton, poly-blend or knit should be fine. Wrap the scarf around your neck and either pin the ends in the front, or toss one end over your shoulder, leaving the other hanging in front. Pin it to secure it to your neck. Voila. I love the chic, Euro-French style of this trend, and I expect it to be hot, hot, hot this spring.

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Kelly said...

fun trend! but you mean, right?

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