Monday, January 11, 2010

Tip: The Dreaded Red Eyebrow

Ever notice after you get your eybrows waxed, you look overly surprised for the next couple days, as you deal with redness and bumps? Specifically the redness...nothing's worse than looking like you've developed a weird rash...right between your eyes. Never fear, a tip a day will keep the redness away.

• Aloe gel - the simplest remedy, grab some aloe gel (you likely have it if you've had a sunburn recently) and smooth it over the red area. Aloe sooths your skin, as it's a known herbal remedy for promoting healing as it moisturizes.

• Milk on a cotton ball - just dab it on the red skin.

• Diaper rash cream - I can't vouch for this one since I don't have any diaper rash cream laying around, but a friend swears that it calms the redness immediately.

Whatever you do, don't use hydrocortisone (it'll dry the skin out) or rub and wash the area repeatedly. Rubbing it will make it redder.

If none of the above tips work, try a green concealer. Yes, green. Green cancels out the redness. Physician's Formula makes a duo of green and skin tone concealer.

One quick tip...after you get a wax, gingerly dab your brows to see if there is any remaining wax. If there is, ask your stylist to use a wax remover to get rid of it. Nothing's worse than wax stuck to your face.

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