Monday, January 25, 2010

Find: White House|Black Market Rocks!

Have you been in White House | Black Market lately? If you haven't, you should go...immediately. Not only do they always carry uber-trendy clothes in my most favorite colors, but as of this past Saturday I'm convinced they have the best customer service of any clothing store in Kenwood Towne Center.

This past Saturday, my friend Cee and I went to WHBM on a shopping trip with the goal of spicing up Cee's wardrobe. A new mom, Cee wanted to add fun back to her outfits without breaking the bank. She's a big fan of black dress pants, so WHBM was a logical idea.

Walking in, we headed straight for the clearance racks to see what we could find. Cee, who hadn't been shopping in a while, was a little unsure of what she should be looking at, what would be appropriate for a business attire environment.

Enter Laura. Laura Knoll is the best sales associate I've encountered in a long time. As Cee browsed through the racks, Laura introduced herself and offered to help pick out a few key pieces that worked together, and then guided Cee to a fitting room. In the span of 25-30 minutes, Laura had Cee kitted out with a new jacket, leggings, a sweater and two tank tops. Perfect wardrobe building pieces. At no point did Laura ever try to talk Cee into any pieces that didn't work for her, and she never made any over-the-top suggestions of expensive merchandise.

As Cee tried on her clothes, I chatted with Laura outside the dressing room about the upcoming Krewe party (password: krewe10) on Feb.13th, and I told her that I'd be shopping for a splashy new dress soon. "Why wait?" she asked, and handed me the newest WHBM catalog. I flipped a few pages and there it perfect dress. Even though the store didn't have the dress currently on-hand, Laura was able to help me order it, and ensure free shipping straight to my house. Score!

White House|Black Market hosts "Girls Night Out" parties on Sunday evenings in the store. If you book a party and bring 5 friends, the host receives 25% off purchases, and guests receive 10%. If you know you're going to do a black/white shopping spree, a party might be the solution to shopping and not spending too much. Ask for manager Jayme Dawson at Kenwood if you book a party...she'll hook you up.

The moral of this post is, if you've not gone to White House| Black Market at Kenwood Towne Center lately, drop by and say hi to Laura and the rest of the staff. There is no incentive for me to promote the store. I did not receive any free merchandise or any special discounts. I was simply impressed with the service, and I hope you'll be too.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you found a great WE Lead Alumnae event spot! Awaiting my invite for spring, perhaps?

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