Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip: Cincinnati Boutique Sale Starts Tomorrow!

For every single fashionista I know, the start of the annual Cincinnati Boutique Sale is something akin to a national holiday. First there's the scramble to figure out where the sale is being held and how to get there. Then there's the rush to be the first in the door, so as to find the primo deals on designer merch. Finally, there's the elation when you score an amazing ensemble for a fraction of the cost, all while supporting local boutiques. Yes, holiday is very apropos...

Here are the deets for this year's sale:

Cincinnati Boutique Sale
January 29-31
The Old Circuit City Building on Ridge

Special Fashion Happy Hour
Friday, January 29 from 5-7
at Pachinko in Covington

Since I'll be out of town juding the ADDYs in Michigan, I'd love it if you'd share any of your finds with me. I'll post them on the blog - whether you take modeling shots or you lay your new outfit out on a table and take a snap!

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