Friday, January 22, 2010

Find: Marimekko

Growing up in a Finnish household (mom is from Rovaniemi), I have a love and appreciation for all things Marimekko. In case you're new to the name, Marimekko is one of the oldest, most respected textile houses in Finland. Since 1951 the name Marimekko has been synonymous with unique prints, fabric design and modern home decor.

I love that Marimekko has gradually made it's way to the US, via Euro-retailers like IKEA, and independent shops like Mica/12v, in the Gateway quarter. In fact, Mica/12v is only one of two shops in the entire state to carry Marimekko wares. Products range from unique umbrellas, raincoats, purses, clothes to fabric for sale by the bolt.

Get your Marimekko fix here: 

Always Mod
Kiitos Marimekko (kiitos means "thank you" in Finnish)
Marimekko Corporate

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