Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Such a workspace

Your workspace (desk, office, cubicle) says a lot about you. The way you choose to accessorize your workspace is sometimes at the discretion of the company. In those cases, crafty desk denizens compensate for lack of individuality by putting weird things in their desk. But when the choice is your as to how you decorate your space, consider some of these options to make your co-workers sit up and take notice.

See Jane Work is a website entirely dedicated to arming the saavy working woman with any type of office organization, from satchels and notebooks to calendars and desk sets. A few of my faves:

To ensure no more crumpled business cards, try these colorful business card holders:

For a staple-free, accident free workspace floor try these staple-free staplers.

If exchange rates don't scare you, French boutique Pylones (be sure to click WELCOME or the entire site will be in French) carries a large array of whimsical lamps, bags, desk art and more. Look for the piranha pencil sharpener and the retro jukebox desk radio.

Finally, NYC boutique Mxyplyzyk (pronounced Mix-ee-pliz-ik) carries an eclectic array of just about everything, for your office, for home and some items...well, they defy classification. For some light desktop reading, try this book about the history of the Sock Monkey and for eco-friendly wall organization, a bulletin board made of pulp.


ShannanB said...

Wow. Perfect timing. I was just thinking I was going to look for a new business card holder this afternoon. Those are super cute!

Michelle said...

I could window-shop on See Jane Work for hours. You always find the most fantastic things! I think you're one of my favorite blogs!

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