Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Such a great pair of recycled products

Before you think that I've got an unhealthy obsession with umbrellas, let me interject that this umbrella is unique! different! fun! and eco-friendly to boot. Thanks to my friend Carla (aka @pixelchic) for the tip on this great find.

Radley, a company out of the U.K. has created an umbrella entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. How enviro-chic! Plus, if and when you decide to chuck this umbrella for a new one, you can do so entirely without guilt, as this umbrella itself is recyclable. The umbrella is roughly $50 US.

Radley also carries a matching tote bag that is also made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, which too can be recycled when you decide not to carry it anymore.

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Devon said...

Monika! How funny that you should post this, when I was just trying out a new weather website,umbrellatoday.com. Type in your zip code and it will answer one question for you: Will I need an umbrella today? It will even alert you with a text message!! Genius.
You'll always know when to keep your cute recycled umbrella handy.

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