Saturday, September 27, 2008

Such an Emmy fashion trend

Jewel tones, statement earrings and necklaces, beading and lace and soft messy up-dos...these are just a few of the hot fall looks spotted on the red carpet at Sunday's Emmy® awards. You don't have to go to a swanky affair to be able to incorporate these trendy touches into your fall wardrobe.

Redkat's Emmy Trends:
1. Purple - purple is huge this fall. Try a deep plum sweater dress like this one from Mod Cloth.
2. Lace - lace accents on everything from dresses to shirts. If actual lace isn't your thing, a shirt with a lace-like pattern can work, so visit Hippy Chix shop and give this shirt by Vanilla Sugar a look-see.
3. Beading - beaded trim is showing up on jeans, t-shirts, and even vests. Vest are very big for fall, so why not combine beading and vests into one great piece. Topshop (a UK fashion treasure) has just the vest.
4. Statement earrings and necklaces - both necklaces and earrings that pack a punch are cued up for fall but fashionista beware! Don't wear them at the same time -- too much is too much. Forever 21 always has great statement earrings for $3.99 and up. For necklaces, try Flutterby for the Australian take on jewelry (note: be sure to switch the currency from Australian to US when pricing products)
5. Metallics - Gold, silver, copper...they're all big for fall. There's no limit to how you can work metallics into your fall wardrobe, but if you're shy about too much bling, how about a belt? Create your own at Steeltoe Studios.

No matter how you incorporate the Emmy fashion trends into your fall look, keep in mind that whatever you do, make sure you make it your own and it works for you!

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