Friday, September 19, 2008

Such a wine tasting

Last night I attended the Fall Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society on Fountain Square. This was by far one of the best wine tastings the Society has ever had. The weather was absolutely was a perfect night to be outside with 1,000 of your friends drinking European White wines. Lexus Rivercenter (a new sponsor for the Society) brought a driver simulation game and gave away weekend leases on what I'm told is a "hot new car". Two different food stations were set up, courtesy of BlackFinn. The official after-party was also at Blackfinn.

The proceeds benefited Fountain Square Management Group. Fountain Square Management Group is a private, non-profit organization that manages events, programming, maintenance and security for Fountain Square and the Fountain Square North Garage. I was surprised to realize that Fountain Square was non-profit, as were many of the attendees. I volunteered as check-in for the Host committee, and I I had more than a dozen people in my line who assumed the city of Cincinnati funded all the activities on the Square. To help raise additional money, FSMG held a split-the-pot raffle.

This year's C-Change class also did a launch of their new initiative called Fetch Taxi. The group brought a car decorated with the Fetch logo down to the Square and had a Cincinnati-themed gameshow running from it's backseat. Each contestant who played the game was broadcasted on the JumboTron above Macy's. The gist of Fetch? No waiting on hold when you need a cab. From their website:

“Forget re-dialing or waiting on hold when you need a cab. When you need a ride, Fetch delivers one number that promises to route your call to the first available cab company in Cincinnati. Better yet, you can trust that your voice will be heard via an online community forum where you can be an active part of improving cab service in Cincinnati.”

Get involved with Bacchanlian Society if you're interested in meeting other young professionals who love wine, love giving back to the community and want to combine the two in a fun way.

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Lisa Bernstein said...

As General Manager of Lexus RiverCenter, I would like to thank-you very much for the opportunity to participate in the Fall Bacchanalian Society Fundraiser/Wine Tasting. I hope you enjoyed the ISF racing simulators, exquisite gifts for the "fastest winners" and the Weekend Give-A-Way in a brand new Lexus! At LexusRiverCenter we believe in the future of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and it is people such as yourselves that care enough to make a difference. We look forward to more Bacchanalian Society Events in 2009, until then--to show our appreciation, we would like to invite all memebers of the Bacchanalian Society to visit Lexus RiverCenter and receive a complimentary car wash on any vehicle your are driving. Sincerely, Lisa Bernstein, General Manager, Lexus RiverCenter

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