Friday, September 18, 2009

{such a} Gone to the races...the wiener dog races!

Normally I would not blog about dogs. Normally, I think dog fashion is just this side of ridiculous, and on par with fanny packs and Crocs. But I'm making an exception, just this once, for these little mutts. No, they're not wearing designer clothes, Halloween costumes or Santa hats. They are wearing hotdog buns. Not just plain hotdog buns either, but some with ketchup, while others have mustard. One dog even dressed like a cheese coney.

With all these hotdog references, I can only be talking about dachshunds and the annual Wiener Dog Races which are held each year on Fountain Square, and which mark the beginning of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. Having never witnessed the spectacle of the races, I went today and found myself completely charmed by the little pups in their hot doggiest ensembles. So while they are not fashionistas in a true sense, they are definitely pioneers in branded doggie attire.

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Unknown said...

OMG that is really, really cute! hahaha

Leslie Burford said...

Ever wonder if they feel as silly as they look? I love them.

Dr. Alex said...

Do you think wiener dog "parents" train their wiener dog "children" for this sort of competition?

Better question, would it be any stranger to see just one wiener dog dressed up out on the street?

WE Lead Mary said...

That definitely explains the multiple wiener dogs I saw in the Fountain Square Garage.

Anonymous said...

My son would have freaked out! I love the other comments and have to wonder what goes through peoples minds sometimes.

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

I loved the little wiener dogs, but I agree, I wonder about the costumes...I'm not a fan of doggie apparel! But none of the dogs looked all that upset about being dressed as a hotdog, so I assume that they didn't mind too much!

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