Monday, March 9, 2009

{Such A} Six savvy spring updates for your wardrobe

Don’t want to spend a small fortune updating your wardrobe for spring? Try these simple tips to have you looking fashionista fab without sending you into a debt spiral.

1. Work with color stories – The hot colors for spring are fuchsia, black and white. Try picking pieces with classic lines in these colors to save on cash. Or, if you have these pieces in your current wardrobe, pull them out and use them. Resist buying trend-specific things like harem pants (hello MC Hammer) or voluminous skirts. You won’t get the same kind of use out of them.

2. Oversize your necklaces – Large chunky necklaces were prominent on almost every runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. A statement necklace instantly updates any outfit.

3. Bold color purse – Bright, bold colors are so in for spring and an easy way to incorporate this is by carrying a purse in fire engine red, yellow…any color will add a pop to your outfit and make it look fresh.

4. Boho scarf- The Bohemian look is back, and rather than buy tons of gypsy-esque clothes, pick up a colorful, fringy boho scarf. Generally made of lighter weight cotton, you’ll get an easy accent that is trend-on, and not too heavy to wear when it’s warm.

5. Big bangle bracelets – Arm candy, and not in the “hot man” sense, will easily let you update your look. Layer on several for impact.

6. Oversize sunglasses – No matter what you have on, adding a pair of oversized shades tops it off and gives you a couture edge. Think color, and maybe consider purple or dark red for your pair.

Most local boutiques will carry a great line of trendy accessories at reasonable prices, and don’t be afraid to check their sale bins for treasures. Clearance racks are your friend too, so use a little imagination and search through them with color in mind. Sometimes all a piece will need is a clasp or button and voila, you’ve got a true find.


5chw4r7z said...

Have you seen kate_the_greats necklaces lately, she could fight off a tribe of cannibals with some of them.

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

She's a true fashionista! I love her purple amethyst necklace. *I know that's the one of which you speak*

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