Friday, January 2, 2009

Such a...25 things about me list!

My friend Kate tagged me on Facebook with a "25 things about me" list. I've posted mine there, but in the spirit of the New Year, I thought I'd post my list here too. Enjoy!

1. My natural hair color is blonde, although I haven't been a blonde in years. I've been red, brown, pink (specifically Manic Panic Rubine) and dark purple.
2. I am afraid of unsecured heights which made visiting the Grand Canyon very scary.
3. I wasn't allowed to go to the very first Lollapalooza b/c Mom said I was too young. And because of that, I never got to see my faves Siouxsie and The Banshees perform live.
4. I got caught skipping school once, but my mom covered for me so that I didn't get in trouble.
5. My cat Gabe has multiple nicknames depending on the nationality of his mood - Chubb, Chubberific Chubberino, the Great Chublinsky, get the idea.
6. Growing up we had a dog named Feedo...which was my mom's way of saying Fido. She's from Finland and thought that's how it was pronounced.
7. I am guilty of over-committing. I am such a joiner that even if I have no spare time, I always volunteer to help.
8. I'm pretty fanatical about my fingernails. I keep them painted at all times, even if I have to do touch-ups at work, in the car or while I'm having breakfast.
9. I love to garden. I'm a trial and error gardener but I still love seeing the results.
10. I wanted to be writer when I grew up, got a degree in Communication instead, and just recently circled back to start freelance writing, as well as writing for my blog.
11. I don't believe it's possible to have too many friends.
12. When I'm driving and I get road rage, I yell at other drivers...with my windows rolled up so that they can't hear me.
13. I have issues with the texture of certain foods -- applesauce is icky!
14. Speaking of food, I love Thai and Indian. Yum-o.
15. I am terrible at cutting vegetables, so I'm guilty of buying the pre-cut stuff off the salad bar at the grocery store.
16. Every room in my house is a different color - orange, red, blue, green and yellow...
17. Someday I do want to have kids.
18. I love to shop. Seriously. I have to be careful to not becomng a spend-a-holic.
19. I want to travel to all the continents some day. So far, I've hit North America and Europe.
20. My favorite color is red, although up until recently I thought is was green.
21. If I had to pick a favorite drink it would be a toss-up between coffee and vodka/cran.
22. Recently I learned of the phenomenon "ghost ride your whip" and it had me giggling for days.
23. One day I want to own my own business.
24. I can't fathom cruelty to animals. ASPCA commercials make me cry.
25. Halloween is my favorite holiday, followed by St. Patrick's Day.

Tag! You're it. Leave your list in the comments if you want to share.


Dr. Alex said...

My 25:

1. I LOVE the the city of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh International Airport, and Primanti Brothers sandwiches (also from Pittsburgh).
2. I have no tattoos or piercings.
3. I've been to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
4. I used deep fry a turkey every year while in medical school and still have a turkey deep fryer... somewhere...
5. Sushi is in my top three all time favorite types of food.
6. My cat, Midnight, is a pretty good pen pal to have, and often writes about me, behind my back.
7. My first cassette tape growing up was of NKTB.
8. I tracked town my best friend of grade school last year, after being out of contact for 15+ years.
9. I once did a 40 mile adventure/orienteering race complete with trail running, mt. biking, and canoeing.
10. Wild animals eat the veggies in my garden faster then I can pluck them.
11. I have bed room in my house that I call the "Peanut butter room" and another called "the Pink room."
12. I consider "cooking" to be combining 2 or more ingredients together.
13. I've played an extra in a movie - naked.
14. I've run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum and topped out just like how Rokcy did!
15. I'm a tea drinker over coffee and a hot coco drinker over both of them.
16. I read comics on the toliet.
17. I've shot several hand guns and a shot gun.
18. The 4th of July is one my favorite holidays - Fireworks, hot dogs, and great music.
19. I used to play video games all druing finals week in college.
20. I'm addicted to LOST and Hereo's.
21. I just discovered Podcasts and Google Reader this past year.
22. I hope to complete a mini triathlon one of these years.
23. I don't like the bubbles in beer, pop, or soda.
24. Sausage is my favorite pizza topping.
25. I've lived in IN, PA, OH, and MN.



Brian L Meyers said...

25 thinks about me:
1. I wish I could write for hours and hours and not be distracted by shiny things - or beeping things for that matter.
2. My daughter is the coolest person I know.
3. My top five favorite foods are pizza, sushi, and aloo saag.
4. coffee.
5. my favorite drink is cool water. But I love coffee. and I'll not say no to a Jim Beam on the rocks - less it's not drinkin' time
6. Sometimes, I secretly hope someone will distract me with a text.
7. I once took the longest train ride in the world: the trans Siberian - from China to Moscow.
8. I secretly believe that the great pyramids in Egypt are a giant clock not tombs.
9. Paris is my favorite city.
10. I have the honor of being both a boy scout and a girl scout - and no my masculinity is not threatened by this.
11. I teach religious school
12. Sometimes I would rather run on a treadmill than run outside.
13. Sometimes I am very shy.
14. Sometimes I can't think of anything more to say.

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