Monday, February 15, 2010

Tip: Puffy Eyes Be Gone!

If you've had a party-hard weekend, pulled a late night for work or had a crying jag, chances are you've encountered puffy eyes. No one likes to walk in looking tired and worn, so try this easy tip for puffy eye relief.

Tea bags. Seriously!

First, steep two tea bags for a few minutes, then set aside until they're cool to the touch. Relax on the couch for ten minutes with the tea bags placed over the puffy skin under your eyes and let them do their magic. Green tea is best, since the antioxidants are wonderful for reducing inflammation, but any tea bags will do. Tea bags are also wonderful for reducing redness if your skin is looking a bit irritated.

Why does this work? Without giving a long science lesson, tea contains tannins, and tannins work with the protein molecules in our skin to tighten them...thereby relieving puffy eyes.

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WE Lead Mary said...

Excellent tip. Will undoubtedly use for all reasons given in your post at some point.

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