Monday, February 22, 2010

Tip: Pesky Regrowth

It's so unfair that we spend money to get our hairs colored, cut and styled, only to have our look sabotaged by regrowth. Evil, nasty, "oh my hair color is actually NOT natural" regrowth. But with a little ingenuity, you can avoid skunky roots between hair appointments. 

1. Semi-Permanent Pens - not great for a lot of area, but if you can get a little creative with your part, you can use the pen to touch up your regrowth where needed. Try Oscar Blandi Pronto Root Touch Up Pen.

2. Color-Enhancing Shampoo - simple to use and easy to find at any Walgreens or CVS. Try Claypac Color Enhancing Shampoo .

3. Demi-Permanent Kits - Nice'N Easy makes a kit that lets you put temporary color just on the hairline. The color should stay put until your hair appointment. This is the messier of the options, but the longest lasting.

If you're really, really in a pinch I've tried eyeshadow too. Spritz your part with hairspray and then brush shadow over the regrowth. With my red hair, I don't do this too often because I don't have red eyeshadow, but for blondes and brunettes, this is easy to do.

Another quick trick is to fluff your hair...adding volume hides regrowth. Use a root-lifting mousse and blowdry your hair upside down to build volume, then smooth and spray.

Do you have any better root coverup tips? Share!
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