Thursday, February 25, 2010

Find: Hip-T's

Muffin top, whale tail, crack attack -- it's borderline epidemic how often these fashion no-nos show up on a daily basis. Sitting, bending over and stretching can all be cause for backside embarrassment.

Enter the Hip-T. Hip-T's are stretchy bands worn around the waist to help keep your assets covered (pun intended). They compensate for shirts that are too short, jeans that are too low, and tops that won't drape smoothly.

Hip-T's come in a variety of colors, both with and without decorative lacy bottom bands and strangely -- Ed Hardy print. Ranging in price from $15.95 for one to $32.50 for a two-pack, this may just be an affordable fix to some of our frustrating wardrobe issues.


redrabbit said...

This is just a belly band (for pregnant women)! Sneaky.

sparklegem said...

I totally noticed these somewhere this week, funny! Maybe in Lucky? Would help create a longer torso for shirts that I have from before tunic-style longish tops were in style.

Kate The Great said...

I thought the same thing as redrabbit! I am so far off the Mommy Track, but I could see how this could be just the thing to help an expectant mama extend the life of her non-prego jeans. No matter how you use it, cool!

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