Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Find: Boots Play Dress Up

Rings. Bracelets. Necklaces. Earrings...so many accessories have come and gone, and none match the Bandit by 2 Bandits in sheer originality (IMHO). Created by designers Erica Chan and Tamar Wilder (the two bandits...get it?) the idea for Bandits hatched from of desire to kick up their wardrobes with something new.

Whether you love them or hate them, Bandits have taken accessorizing to a whole new level. Add color, flash and creativity to your boots with these stylish bands. Simply slip them over your boot, put on your boot, and then slide the Bandit into place and tighten. My fave is the Bianca, but if you're into a different look, 2 Bandits also offers boot harnesses, sweet ikat bows and bright indian-esque bands.


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