Thursday, August 28, 2008

Such a service-esque world

Today I got up super-early to attend the Cincinnati AMA's Digital Marketing Summit. The keynote speaker was Cincinnati's own Pete Blackshaw who spoke on the conversation that consumers are having about brands, the ways that they are communicating and why a brand needs to be credible to sustain in this market.

One of the things that Pete mentioned in his presentation was that service, as in customer service, is a new sweet spot for marketing. I couldn't agree more. I will easily spend my money in stores that create an experience for me when I shop there. Cincinnati Magazine recently did an entire story on great local shops and retailers who are the epitome of trend. Featured shops include:

Plum Diore (which incidentally is/will be moving)

The Wardrobe (which is having a huge 40% off summer sale)

Outside (new outdoor living store in the Gateway Quarter, also having a summer sale)

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