Friday, August 29, 2008

Such a rockstar

I went to last night's Cowboy Mouth show at the Madison Theatre. Not knowing a single song besides "Jenny Says" I wasn't sure what to expect. Seeing a smallish crowd of punks, hippies, yuppies and YPs, I couldn't even gauge where they fit in terms of genre. I was so amazingly surprised. Cowboy Mouth are quite the fun band. They hail from New Orleans and clearly have a lot of love for their home city. The band is all about getting the crowd to participate in their shows. At one point the drummer/lead singer left the stage to herd people from the back of the theatre to the front. Cowboy Mouth wants the crowd to sing along and interact with them during the show. At one point people threw red spoons at them, which must have some significance but I'm clueless as to what.

The real star of Cowboy Mouth is bassist/singer Regina Zernay. She absolutely rocked and has a fabulous punk/chic look, including her signature pigtails.

If you want to be a rockstar visit Scentiments/Rock City . They carry all the t-shirts, Docs and Manic Panic you could want. Also visit NVISION, a trendy little vintage shop that carrys art, furniture and hosts art exhibitions. Both businesses are located in the growing Hamilton Avenue area of Northside.


J Son said...

"She drives a red car
Drives her red hat
She's got a red door
Plays with her red cat
She's got a red light
That lights up her red room
She eats her red cake
With my favorite red spoon"

- Everybody Loves Jill
Cowboy Mouth

ShannanB said...

Cowboy Mouth is great. I've seen them at Bogarts and at Jillians when it was open. Glad you liked the show!!

i was the one full of whiskey and talk.
i was the one with the skip in his walk.
you say the truth hurts, yeah well, so does a liar.

my heart is a flame that pains me
if i do not light it on fire.

Cowboy Mouth - Light it on fire

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