Saturday, November 28, 2009

changes in store for redkatblonde!

I started with the goal of sharing my love of fashion with my readers. Mind you, in the beginning I'm pretty sure I had a total of four and three of my dear blogger friends (thank you Katy, Julie and Shel!). Over time, I've gained followers, both through my freelance writing that I've done for Cincy Chic, as well as from being featured in Reader's Digest.

One would think in light of all this publicity, would've become a consistently updated, go-to fashion resource. Nah! That'd be too predicitable. Instead I've treated my blog as sort of a, "get to it when I can" endeavor, and have done a big disservice to my 13 followers and 100+ regular readers. Being the socialite/fashionista/new business director/adjunct professor/entrepreneur that I am, I've fallen into the trap of having grand ambition and little action. Apparently my busy life has gotten in the way of my passion for fashion.

No more! Starting in January, 2010 is turning over a new leaf and taking a slightly new direction. Instead of lengthy posts that require a lot of my time, I'm going to focus on weekly tips, tricks trends and finds. Let me break it down:

  • Tips & Tricks - fashion and beauty advice and simple solutions to fashion emergencies
  • Trends - what's hot right now
  • Finds - what you want/need to buy right now
If you have any fashion or beauty problems you want me to address or if you're looking for ways to make a seemingly unwearable trend workable in your wardrobe, please let me know.

Have a stylishly good holiday, and here's to an even trendier 2010!



WE Lead Mary said...

Brava! Can't wait.

Afropolitan in America said...

Hear! hear!

Laura said...

Ooooh! I can't wait to check it out!

shannanb aka mommy bits said...

Can't wait for 2010! Personally I'd love advice on how a mom can be fashionable and functioning at the same time.

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