Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{such a} Which Avril Should I Be?

Halloween is my most favorite time of the year, and this year I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit. Rather than dressing up in a pretty costume (years past include Natasha from "Boris and Natasha", Juliet, a woodland fairy) I'm going as a zombie. Yes, a zombie complete with white caked on makeup and probably with fake blood and an obvious cause of death. My friends and I are going to the DeComposition Zombie Crawl in Covington, KY.

In thinking about being a zombie, I wanted to use some things that I already have in my closet to help determine my character. With what I found, I decided to be an Avril Lavigne zombie. Who knew that Avril Lavigne and I share so many common wardrobe staples? Black biker jacket, check. Plaid tie, check. Combat boots, check. Rocker t-shirt, check. In fact, I have so many of the same things that Avril has that I'm confused as to which Avril to be for Halloween! I need your help in determining which look I should emulate and how I should die. Vote in the comments by Friday and I'll post a pic of myself all zombied up.

Avril's Looks

Skull Rocker


Princess Rocker

Plaid Skirt/Hoodie Rocker

Necktie Rocker


Unknown said...

Totes "skull rocker."

Patrice said...

I think you could totally rock the plaid necktie. That gets my vote!

FoodHussy said...

princess - i love princesses!

Rene` said...

Ramones + necktie

WE Lead Mary said...

I am partial to Skull Rocker, but the Necktie Rocker does allow for that "obvious cause of death" to be incorporated into the outfit...

Anonymous said...

Princess for me (even with a late vote)cause it's the closest to a Catholic school girl uniform :)

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