Monday, July 27, 2009

{such a} Blogher 09 Adventure

Blogher 09 in Chicago was an amazing experience for me. I met fabulous bloggers (@momtrolfreak and @sabrinabot among others) and attended fab parties (EA Active and the Lush Experience by Blogalicious). Yes, there was a preponderance of mommy bloggers and the swagaholics caused me to raise an eyebrow or two, but that’s not what’s important. What matters is that much to my surprise, there were a large number of incredibly fashionable women at Blogher 09. I’m not sure what I expected really...but I was happily surprised to see stylish, trendy women everywhere I went at the conference. Cute summer dresses, mod booties, skinny jeans and brightly printed tanks.

Check out just a few of the galleries:

Blogher Galleries
Blogher Flickr Galleries
Tide Laundry Lounge Gallery
Rick from Tiny Prints Gallery

I was thrilled to find out that both Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn were going to be in attendance at Blogher. Carson came with Nikon to promote Look Good In Pictures, Nikon's How To Series with Carson Kressley, and Tim Gunn came as part of Tide’s Laundry Lounge. Both were dressed to the nines, Carson in a lime green sweater (that he quick-switched to don a t-shirt given to him by an attendee) and Tim in a dark grey pinstripe suit. I a scoop (not really a scoop) on the next Project Runway, which Tim shared will be in LA, and starts on August 20th.

Paula Deen also put in an appearance to plug her new line of food at Walmart. She suprised me by adding a very cute, very sparkly pair of slip-on flats to her jeans and denim shirt outfit. I’m not one to cook with a stick of butter or more, but I approve of her shoes 100%.

The most fashion-unique event of the entire conference was the Cheeseburgher party held on the last night. In case you’re not familar, and I wasn’t, attendees to this late-night soiree sponsored by McDonalds are given McDonalds bags to wear as headgear. I could not figure out a way to make that bag look good, so I didn’t wear one. So sad...not! It was a great party despite my lack of paper hat. Fortunately, I had my hot pink feather boa from Bowlher...mad love.


Mary Burns said...

You got to meet Tim Gunn, you lucky lucky girl!! Has your life improved 10 fold because of this encounter? I am positive mine would.

Rachel said...

You are so adorable!!!

I couldn't rock the hat either.. I looked goofy.

YOU are fantastic and I'm so happy that we met!

My word ver: roffies..... nuff said

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

Thanks ladies! Blogher was great and thank you Rachel for not faulting me for not wearing the bag hat. Mary, yes, my life got instantly more fashionable upon receiving a hug for Tim Gunn.

Emily said...

Thanks ladies!
I am positive mine would.

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