Friday, May 22, 2009

{Such A} Fashion No-No, the Vegas Edition

There is nothing better than "don't spotting" when you're out of town. Add to that the mish-mash of people that you see in a place like Las Vegas, and you literally get hours and hours of viewing pleasure. I was in Las Vegas last weekend, and I want to share a few of the big no-nos that I saw one evening, as my friends and I enjoyed cocktails at Cherry Bar at the Red Rock Casino and Resort.

#1: The Look Alikes
Under no circumstances is it ever okay to wear the same dress as your BFF. Ever! A true friend would not only tell you that the dress is tacky, but would never suggest that dressing like the Doublemint Twins is a good idea.

#2 Rare Sighting: The Smiling Whale Tail
I admit, I thought whale tails were long gone, but this fashion faux pas proves that no only are they not out of style, but they've been reinvented with a new twist - an expression! I have to believe that this fashion mistake was not only deliberately made (check the buttons on her top) but is thought to be attractive in a "come hither" kind of way. I'm pretty sure I don't want my undies grinning at people...

Without question I could've taken more pics of the wardrobe-challenged people at Cherry Bar that night. Birks and socks, fanny packs and plenty of women in dresses that didn't fit...but to unduly pick on tourists is mean. Just remember that the mirror is your friend and check yourself before heading out for a night on the town to avoid being a fashion disaster.

For more fun photos of don'ts from around the country (including Las Vegas), visit Glamour Magazine.


Tina L. Hook said...

Ok, that is funny. A little mean. But still funny.

Robin Feltner said...

I had never found the fashion statement in the whale tail...ever...even when it was allegedly fashionable. I'd rather have someone wonder what's under my jeans than to ruin the surprise by throwing it all out there.

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