Thursday, December 18, 2008

Such a need for help

The holiday season is a fashionista's dream with great parties, family gatherings and seasonal events to attend, which are great venues to debut all your fabulous new outfits. But what if you didn't even have the right clothes to wear for a job interview, or to wear to school? In the season of so much, @countrygirl22 who is better known as Toni Bloom from Gateway Technical and Community College, is reaching out for help. I'm reposting an email that I received from her, and encourage you to help if you can.

To my most stylish friends (forward this if I’ve forgotten anyone),

I know I asked for a coat for my work-study student yesterday, but a new situation has arisen.

Angie just turned 21 last week, she has 2 kids – Katrina, 4 and Camron, 7 mo. She dropped out of HS at 16 and had Katrina, since that time she has completed her GED and the Nurse Assisting program. She is presently enrolled in the Nursing program at Gateway. Today she was offered a part-time administrative assistant job in the Institutional Effectiveness office at Gateway paying $14/hr which is rich to her.

The problem is the girl literally has 2 pairs of jeans and 2 sweatshirts that she wears in to work for me every other day. She came to my office to see if I can help her. When she starts the job she needs some descent clothes to wear.

I’m not asking for money or new, but if any of you have clothes/shoes/coats/purses (anything) you were going to get rid of I’m sure I can find it a very good home.

Angie’s sizes:

Pants/jeans – 5 or 7

Shirts – S or M

Coat – 5, 7, s, m

Shoes – 7

Other sizes would be great too, because we have several girls in the work-study program that could use just about anything. We get a lot of donations for their kids, but nothing for them. They are referred to Dress for Success (which is a great organization) but that is 1 interview outfit. They need both everyday going to school clothes and everyday work clothes. Lotions, perfumes, bath & body, anything like that is good, too.

Please just let me know if you’re able to help. When these girls feel better about themselves they really work so much harder and they can look in the mirror and have hope.

Consider donating to any of the wonderful charities that support families in need this holiday season. Here are just a few:

Cincinnati Chapter of the Red Cross
United Way
Freestore Foodbank
Better Business Bureau's Giving Guide

If you'd like to donate any items to the work study program at Gateway, please leave your messages in the comments.

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marybethonline said...

Monika, I think I may have a few items. Are they still looking for clothing?

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